Give Yourself Permission To Want



When I was little, my mum used to say: “Mr Want has died.” It wasn’t considered polite to express one’s will. Wanting was discouraged.

It was well meant, but this kind of thinking is hugely damaging. People think that anyone who’s clear and vocal about what they want, must be selfish and ruthless.

Your mission today is to allow yourself to truly want and desire, and to discover why this is the best thing you could do for your loved ones.

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Task 1: What’s your story?


Chances are you have acquired a few internal, subconscious “stories” about wanting over the course of your life. Your first task is to uncover them.

Get comfortable, relax, and then finish the sentence, “I want…”, repeatedly. Make a note of what you spontaneously come up with, anything, even if it seems silly.

Most of all, however, make a note of how you feel when you express what you want. This is a huge signpost towards your attitude to desire.

Task 2: Become a receiver


Connected to the negativity around desire, is the idea that giving is better than receiving. In reality, a balance is best, because receiving is just as important as giving.

Make a conscious effort to become a good receiver. When someone pays you a compliment, say “thank you” (and nothing else). Whenever you receive money, express your gratitude. Give thanks for the food you nourish your body with, and so forth.

Permission To Want
Photo by Brooke Lark


Task 3: Permission to want


These tasks need to be repeated in order to truly effect change. Once you feel a lifting of the heaviness around the word “want”, it’s time to use it for yourself.

Allow yourself to want, stop being ashamed of it. You weren’t born to play small. Set your loved ones an example of reaching for the stars. Nothing could be more inspiring, and it’ll set them up for more happiness, too.