3 Ways To Use The (Super)Power Of Softness



Superheroes, school of hard knocks, overcoming obstacles like a boss, those are the ideals that surround us. And it’s sure admirable how humans can succeed in the face of adversity.

However, not all of us are inclined to tough it out. Some have fears or anxiety for any number of reasons: health issues, traumatic experiences, personality. Are we doomed to mediocrity, then?

Far from it. Your mission today is to learn 3 ways of using the power of softness and joy.

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Task 1: Learn the power of softness


We’re so brainwashed by the tough-hero ideal, we feel inferior for our reluctance to headbutt with life’s challenges. Therefore, you need to counter-brainwash yourself first.

Have you ever seen ivy grow through a wall? Which one do you think is tougher?

Water can hollow out a rock by steadily dripping on it. That takes a long time, though – but water also has the capability of flowing around the rock.

Softness is more flexible and finds solutions where toughness keeps knocking its head against the wall.

power of softness
Photo by Kaboompics on pixabay.com


Task 2: Ways to use your superpower


Here are a few ways to make use of the astonishing power of softness.

  • Listen to yourself. If there’s somehing you absolutely don’t want to do, perhaps delegate it, pay someone to do it for you, get help. You could also consider doing it yourself, but in a different way.
  • Is there something want to do but never seem to get around to? It won’t happen unless you plan for it. When’s the last time you magically “had time” all of a sudden? You never did and never will, so determine a day and time and schedule that sh*t.
  • Discover the magic of 15 minutes. You can do anything for 15 minutes! Of course you won’t finish the task, but you can make a start. Try 15 minutes of exercise, or of pursuing your passion. Set your alarm and try it. You’ll be floored by the impact.