How To Prioritise A Passion That’s Not Your Income



Everyone talks about making your passion your paycheck. And indeed, it can be very fulfilling; I know a lot of people who are very successful in doing this. My own income is one of my passions, too.

However, the real challenge begins when your passion is not your source of income. Clients often tell me they feel like their loyalties are divided between their job and their passion(s).

Your mission today is to learn how to prioritise a passion that isn’t your paycheck.

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Task 1: Should your passion be your income?


The first step is to gain clarity on what works best for you. A lot of people feel that in order to be serious about their passion, it ought to be their career or business. But that’s a very limiting view that’s gained ground in our materialistic modern world.

You are not your job. If you want to become a full-time researcher or academic, an actor or actress or musician on the stage, then that’s great. But if you would rather pursue your passion in peace and in private, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prioritise it.

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Task 2: Prioritising a “hobby” passion


We need to lose the phrase “just a hobby”. There’s nothing “less than” about being passionate when something doesn’t make you money – in fact, I’d argue that it takes more passion to stick with it when you have no monetary incentive!

You need three things to do this successfully:

  1. A job with healthy boundaries, workload and hours,
  2. Plenty of self care and quality time for you and your loved ones,
  3. Time scheduled to radically spend on your passions.

Have you tried a passions date twice a week with yourself (similar to Julia Cameron’s Artist Date)? You’ll woo your passion like a lover, by turning up at your best and giving it your undivided attention. Play with this. Fall in love and then keep the flame alight – just like you would in a relationship with another human.