Prioritise Your Passion When You’re No Good At It?



Have you seen the article about the 107-year-old woman whose art has carried her through the 2nd pandemic of her lifetime? When I saw this, I thought: ‘To everyone who still thinks my work is fluffy and feel-good, read this.’

You may say: “But her work is in the Smithsonian and I’m an amateur”. At which I’ll point out that the Smithsonian didn’t save her life, her passion did.

Your mission is to learn why it matters how good you are at your passion – and why it doesn’t.

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Task 1: Learn why it doesn’t matter


You should prioritise your passion because everything is valid, right? The answer is: Well, yeah, but there’s a lot more to this. Here’s why it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, or just no good at your passion:

  • We’re taught to value only things that bring money. This is destroying our world and our souls.
  • Valuing joy says that you matter enough to make an effort for.
  • It’s scary but incredibly freeing to allow yourself to just, well, suck at something.

prioritise passion
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Task 2: Why it does matter


There are ways in which it’s important how good you are at it when you prioritise your passion. It’s just not what you think.

When you’re passionate about something, it follows naturally that you care. You want to do it justice, whether it’s a field of study, an art or craft, or a sport. Expecting to be a pro is disheartening, but working on improving yourself can be the most enriching experience.

It’s human nature – actually, nature’s nature, too – to constantly learn and grow. Compete not with others, but with your own past performance.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new at your passion or have done it for decades and are just not particularly talented. As long as you keep improving, you’re doing it right. Doing this keeps the passion alive and aligns you with your life purpose.