Personal, tailored 1-on-1 Coaching programs – a safe, confidential space, via Zoom in your own home.


Find Your Passion
(once-off session)


Programs: Find Your Passion

Not sure what your passion is?
Or do you have too many interests and can’t decide?
Gain clarity in this incredibly affordable session.





The Magic Of Purpose
(6 months)


Programs: The Magic Of Purpose

Transform your life with tingling joy!
Prioritise your passion(s) and find your unique purpose
so you’ll “wake up happy” every morning.





Passion Matters
(3 months)


Programs: Passion Matters

Prioritse what lights you up (even if it’s not your
source of income) and centre your life around your passion,
with time and money to spare.





Wild Money
(3 months)


Programs: Wild Money

Money can be joyful, abundant, wild!
Learn to shift your mindset as well as mastering
finance management, and tap into abundance.