Why do you feel “meh” so much of the time? You’re not unhappy, exactly… you have a roof over your head, food to eat, work to do, family, friends… so why aren’t you filled with joy?

You could cite the state of the world (which is objectively a lot better than it was decades ago), having no time, having no money, being stressed and tired. None of these are responsible, and many of them are your own choice.

What’s missing is purpose.


Waking up every morning with butterflies in your stomach. Knowing that you’re doing what you were put on this planet to do. No longer trying to tame your Wild Spirit, but letting it soar. Feeling blissfully, joyfully in the right place. Full of passion and purpose.

Finding purpose is no accident. There’s a proven path towards this state of blissful knowing that you’re in the right place, and creating a life you love every minute of, on your terms. The path starts with passion.

Heads up: Your passion doesn’t necessarily equal your purpose! Both are connected, but your passion could be a hobby, and not at all what you earn your income with.

It’s the scariest journey you’ll ever undertake, and the most worthwhile. With tried-and-tested Coaching processes, we’ll enchant your life with purpose.

You will:

  • Create time, money, and headspace for your passion(s).
  • Uncover your unique life purpose.
  • Remove inner blocks and shift unhelpful beliefs, for good.
  • Align your body, mind, soul, and spirit to your purpose.
  • Slow down and focus on what matters: purpose, passion(s), yourself, your loved ones.
  • Tap into abundance of money, time, and love with ease.
  • Create your magical life.

What is it: A six-months program including 1-on-1 Coaching via Skype or phone, accountability, email support, free work materials and a progress tracker.
Investment: 1,100 EUR (or the equivalent in your currency)

Check if you can afford this.

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My money-back guarantee: If at any point up to and including the first full session you wish to cancel, I’ll refund you the money you paid, no questions asked.