The Magic Of Purpose (6 mths)


Why do you feel “meh” so much of the time? You’re not unhappy, exactly… you have a roof over your head, work to do, family, friends… so why aren’t you filled with joy?

What’s missing is purpose.


Waking up every morning with butterflies in your stomach. Knowing that you’re doing what you’re on this planet to do. No longer trying to tame your wild spirit, but letting it soar. Feeling blissfully, joyfully in the right place. Full of passion and purpose.

Finding purpose is no accident. There’s a proven path towards this state of blissful knowing that you’re in the right place, and creating a life you love every minute of, on your terms. It starts with passion (although your passion does not equal your purpose!).

It’s the scariest journey you’ll ever undertake, and the most worthwhile. With tried-and-tested Coaching processes, we’ll enchant your life with purpose.

You will:

  • Create time, money, and headspace for your passion(s).
  • Uncover your unique life purpose.
  • Remove inner blocks and shift unhelpful beliefs, for good.
  • Align your body, mind, soul, and spirit to your purpose.
  • Slow down and focus on what matters: purpose, passion(s), yourself, your loved ones.
  • Tap into an abundance of money, time, and love with ease.
  • Transform your life with joy.


What is it: A six-months program including regular 1-on-1 Coaching via Skype/Zoom or phone, accountability, email support, free work materials and a progress tracker.

Investment: 1,400 EUR (or the equivalent in your currency)

Check if you can afford this.

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The Magic Of Purpose

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What my clients say


“What I liked about this approach was that Sibylle really helped me to tap into what would work for me, I really felt she understood me, so it was a very personal approach. By concentrating on improving, little by little, the areas of my life that I was struggling with, a magical thing started to happen, I began to free up my energy to think about my creative life as a real possibility again. …

I had a long conversation with a work colleague last night who isn’t very happy at the moment, and I sat there and realised how far I’ve come over the last few months. I remember feeling like that, powerless and fed up!!! I mean WOW I feel totally different about things these days. I sat there and realised work isn’t my main priority anymore, it’s not eating into the rest of my life anymore.

I’m doing an 8 week experimental embroidery class with the textile girls, I’ve signed up for the sculptural embroidery class… Its amazing and exciting – and somewhere in there is work!!! Can ya see where my priorities have shifted!

I am loving the way things are going in my life right now!!!!”

My money-back guarantee: If at any point up to and including the first full session you wish to cancel, I’ll refund you the money you paid, no questions asked.

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