Pursuing Your Passion – Or Just A Hobby?



Passion is an overused word these days. Everything that’s even remotely an interest, is called “passion”. There’s nothing wrong with hobbies or interests, but you need to differentiate between having a hobby and pursuing your passion.

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What’s the difference?


A hobby or interest is anything that captures your attention, anything you enjoy. An example would be my singing: I love it, but it’s not an essential part of my life (music in general is, but not specifically as singing).

Dancing is my passion; I can’t be fully myself without it. Passions fulfill a need in you and make you outrageously happy, almost ecstatic. Pursuing a passion makes time fly without you noticing. You feel like you could do this all day. Hobby and passion can feel similar – a hobby can get close to this feeling, especially at first, but it usually doesn’t last.

If it’s a passion, you keep rediscovering it and falling in love with it all over again. It captures your imagination for years.

hobby and passion
Photo by rawpixel on unsplash.com


Why is this important?


It’s important because not pursuing your passion means limiting yourself. You don’t fully live up to your potential, and doing that – keeping part of yourself unevolved, under wraps – is one of the most common regrets old people have when their lives are about to end.

I spent some time in a reduced version of my life, and the fact I wasn’t dancing almost daily was testament to that. One of the first things I started doing when I “returned to life” was putting on some tunes and dance.

Passions also lead to your purpose. It’s not always as straightforward as your passion being your purpose, but once you set your soul alight through radically prioritising your passion, you will stumble on your purpose in some way, shape, or form.