Don’t Put Off Your Passions (Or Wait For The End Of The Pandemic)


From a live session: Don’t put off your passions


A few key points I talked about:

  • A year ago, in the 1st lockdown, I talked about how to de-frazzle your brain and concentrate again.
  • Now we’re at the tail end of the pandemic, we face different challenges.
  • It’s been a hard year for passions: distractions, challenges, no time or headspace.
  • Some passions are difficult or impossible to pursue due to restrictions/measures.
  • Now that the end is in sight, it’s tempting to put it off until then.
  • Don’t put off your passions!
  • Pursuing your passion(s) is more important than ever. Why? Because life happens now.
  • Ruthlessly make space for this, prioritise your passion.
  • If it’s impossible, get creative (instead of travelling abroad, travel around your own area/country, etc.)


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put off your passions


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