Do You Need To Hit Rock Bottom?



We all love inspirational stories. I used to sometimes think, if I had something so strong to motivate me, I’d do it too.

But does it need something drastic to get us humans going? Do you have to be in the gutter to find the motivation to change? The answer is no, and your mission today is to find out how to get yourself motivated without needing a catastrophe first.

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Task 1: Learn about the nature of motivation


Motivation is intrinsic. That means it can never come from the outside. No coach can ever motivate you, or anybody else.

What disciplines like psychology have found out is that motivation is helped by certain actions and ways of thinking. Here are some examples:

  1. Seeing the glass as half full. This is against our very nature as humans, because historically, from a survival point of view, we needed to pay attention to anything alarming first.
  2. Taking consistent action. Consistency is the key here, and surprisingly it has been found that for motivation to kick in, it makes no difference how big those steps are.
  3. Getting support. Humans are social beings. You’re meant to work with others.


Task 2: Find your why


Science has proven that we don’t do anything just because we know it’s the right thing. Healthy eating and exercise, anyone? Exactly.

We do things because they make us feel something. If you find an emotional reason – not a rational one – for doing something, and truly tap into that emotion, you’ll feel motivated to do it. Try it out!

Rock Bottom
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Task 3: Create and implement your strategy


Now it’s time to convert the insights from Task 1 into a plan. Here are some ways of doing this.

  1. Positive attitude: It doesn’t mean being naive. Train yourself to see the ray of light, the opportunity, the gift in anything. It’s just that, mental training.
  2. Consistent action: Here’s where a Coach comes in. Accountability and specially designed processes help you stick with a course of action.
  3. Support: Join a group or class, find likeminded people online or in real life, and connect.