“Don’t Be Silly!”



The title is a lie. I actually want you to be silly! Not just for some higher ideal of joy and fun, but also because it’s a proven way to access creativity, productivity and performance.

I used to teach German as a foreign language to a group of business people who were rather serious and focused. When I asked them to write a silly story with “a witch and a crook” in it, the atmosphere completely changed within minutes. There was laughter, animated discussion, fun – and they retained the vocabulary from that particular lesson better than any other.

That’s the power of silliness.

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Task 1: Infuse silliness into your work


Obviously, how much you can do depends on the type of work you do. However, it’s possible to bring in a little silliness almost everywhere. Try it when you’re stuck in a tedious tasks which requires a lot of focus.

Start drawing silly pictures with numbers, reading the text of your report out loud (or in your head) in a funny voice, or run up and down the stairs sideways. This is proven to access different neural pathways and get the job done faster than without the silliness.

As a bonus, you’ll be less tired and stressed at the end of the day!

Photo by Leighann Renee on unsplash.com


Task 2: Silliness and passions


Creativity is big with passions! If you have writer’s block, write something silly and laugh at yourself. Do whatever it takes to get your creative juices flowing again.

Even if you practice for an exam or a sports performance, find a way to enjoy fun into it again. After all, that’s why you first started, isn’t it?

You can’t solve a problem if you keep thinking the same way. Silliness snaps you out of it and into new, untapped potential, fast. Try it! It works every time.