Working Too Much And Still Broke?



In my 20s, I was broke pretty much all the time. I lived in my overdraft.

As I grew older and the jobs I worked in got more demanding, I slipped into a cycle of overspending, being broke, working even harder, being exhausted, and overspending to compensate. Many are familiar with this downward spiral, but can’t find their way out.

Your mission: Recognise the pattern and turn it around.

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Task 1: Come clean


You may protest that you really don’t earn enough. This might be true. But if you’re like most people, you probably earn more now than you did when you’d just finished your training or degree. Your standard of life simply went up with your income.

Also recognise that overspending, being broke and then having to work even more is exactly what capitalism wants us to do. It’s built on ever-increasing spending. You’re not stupid or alone, you’re still broke because you’re meant to be.

Task 2: No more “broke” mentality


I hate the term frugality. It smacks of lack and self-denial. I want you to recognise that your living above your means is what actually leads to self-denial, in the shape of ever more work and pressure.

This work goes beyond a video. You need to continuously work on your money mindset and change it from scarcity to abundance.

Working Too Hard And Still Broke?
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Task 3: Joy in abundance


When I downsized my life, it improved in every way. I had time, rest, space to pursue my passions, and enough money for everything.

Here are three steps to get there:

  1. Stop buying stuff. It’s as simple as that. You don’t need new clothes, or a gadget you’ve never needed before. Borrow, swap, reuse!
  2. Determine two or three “luxuries” you can’t do without. Consciously decide you’ll keep them, and feel good about yourself.
  3. Determine what lights you up and allocate money to it. There’s nothing more important, and you’ll no longer need impulse-purchases when you’re lit up with joy.