There’s a lot of meaningless, lightweight stuff going around on Facebook and other social media, but every now and then I come across a meme which bowls me over. This was one of them. It’s a quote by Guy Kawasaki and at first glance, it sounds innocent enough:

Stop the glorification of busy.

As soon as I started thinking about it, the sheer enormity of the suggestion began to dawn on me. There is hardly any phenomenon in our modern world which is as universal and widespread as being busy. It seems to have become the normal state for people to be rushed off their feet. This seems to happen right across all levels of society and includes more conventional people as well as free-thinkers, artists, and “alternative” folks.

I challenge you to pay attention to it: How many Facebook statuses are about how busy someone is? What do people say almost immediately when they bump into a friend in the street? What do you – or anyone else – say in reply when asked a question like: “How’s life?” or “What have you been up to, then?” Nine times out of ten, it will be about being busy with lots of different things.

The implications of changing this, are staggering.

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