• How To Find Your Purpose When You’re Aimless



    People often tell me they don’t think they have a purpose: “I’m far too aimless,” or: “I just take life as it comes.” Others are multi-passionates and can’t believe that everything in their lives would come down to just one thing.

    These statements are based on a few misconceptions which I’d like to help clarify for you. Your mission is to learn the way to your unique life purpose.

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    Task 1: Your purpose is not what you think


    Teachers and coaches often equate purpose with a job or something you do in life. This is why so many people think that purpose is not for them. They have multiple interests and frequently change direction.

    The thing is, purpose is not something you do. Instead, purpose is the underlying reason why you do what you do.

    Others believe your passion must be your purpose, but that’s not true either. The reason why I suggest prioritising passions in order to find purpose is that the frequency of pure joy is what leads you to your purpose. It opens you up to the required type of deep insight.

    purpose aimless
    Picture by Hendrik Will on unsplash.com


    Task 2: From aimless to filled with purpose


    There’s more to this, and that’s the fact we’re never taught to have goals in life. Most people live by default and react to what’s happening to them, rather than taking charge and creating their lives. This is one thing coaching has taught me, long before I studied to become a coach myself.

    Signs coaching might be good for you include:

    • You feel aimless
    • There are things you’ve been meaning to do for a long time
    • You don’t know your passion
    • You don’t know your purpose

    The way to go about finding your purpose is to dare make your joy a priority. The easiest way to do this is through your passions, because this doesn’t require another person, it’s 100% you who creates your joy. You need this pure “you” energy to uncover your purpose.

    I wish you a magical journey!