• The Case For Beginning Now



    You’ve heard me make fun of the “Take action! Crush it!” mentality before. It trains us to ignore emotions which is very unhealthy and can cause great damage to our mental health.

    However, putting things off isn’t healthy either. Often, when we have something we’d love to do, we postpone it for reasons that sound sensible. I argue that we need to stop this.

    Your mission today is to learn why beginning now is so important.

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    Task 1: Understand that you’re not weak


    You’re not weak or lazy for putting things off, let me say this straightaway. The reasons for postponing that you tell yourself (or others), are valid.

    We’ve just come through two incredibly tough years where a pandemic, and now a war, were occupying our minds and for many people, make living their dream life or pursuing their passion, next to impossible.

    Therefore, forgive yourself for any inactivity. This is important to do before you move on.

    beginning now

    Task 2: Why and how beginning now is possible


    Whilst there may be good reasons for postponing, I’m telling you that beginning now is still possible. More than that, it’s important for you to start.

    You’ve probably heard it said before, that there will never be an ideal point in time. And while you could argue that there will still be a *better* point, I’m telling you it’s not worth waiting for that.

    If there’s anything you want to do – prioritise your passion, start a business, get coaching, learn a language – beginning now is always possible. Examples:

    • Is your passion a team sport? Start getting fit and training relevant muscle groups, as well as endurance, on your own.
    • Study online.
    • Connect to people who share your passion over the internet.
    • Reach out and sign up for the next available post-pandemic course.

    Far from being blind activism, getting into doing what you dream of, means to re-start life as it’s supposed to be. If you wait, you’re choosing inertia.