• Learn The Fine Art Of Being Happy



    A lot of people glaze over when I tell them that my business is basically about creating joy and happiness (by means of prioritising passions and fulfilling one’s purpose). You know how to be happy, right? It’s not that hard!

    In fact, it turns out that it is. Hard, I mean. Ask yourself how you feel right now. Then think over today, and yesterday, and the day before. How much of the time did you feel genuinely happy?

    Your mission today is to learn how to be happy.

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    Task 1: Habit versus happiness


    It’s not a sign of failure when we realise we aren’t as happy as we think we should be. In fact, this is as it should be. It’s evolutionary.

    Historically, it was paramount for our survival that we detected threat and danger fast. We’re wired to focus on bad things, it’s not just our attitude. This means that in order to be happier, we need to consciously re-train ourselves and change our habits. It requires effort and persistence.

    In other words, being happy is hard because we need to learn it. It’s against our very nature!

    being happy
    Photo by Gabrielle Henderson on unsplash.com


    Task 2: Being happy bootcamp


    Here are some ways for you to train yourself to more happiness.

    • Gratitude. Once a day, write down or think of three things you’re grateful for. Really feel your gratitude.
    • Do something that lights you up every single day. Your passions deserve the effort!
    • Connect to another human every single day. If you’re home alone, have a conversation by phone or send them a heartfelt message.
    • Check in with yourself once a day. If you’re feeling less than happy, remind yourself of what went well in the past 24 hours.
    • Get in the habit of saying: “Thank you, life” (or God, or whatever you prefer) whenever something good happens to you.