• Do You Profit From Being Stuck?



    Not too long ago, I went through a period of little progress in my business. I worked hard but had little to show for it. After a while, I noticed that being stuck felt oddly familiar and even comfortable, because it confirmed my old lack of self-confidence, not feeling good enough and it satisfied the nagging voice asking: “Who am I to try and change the world?”

    I figured I might as well use this opportunity to heal some old wounds inside myself. It took some digging but I eventually got to the bottom of it.

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    What’s really going on


    You may experience being stuck in any number of ways: You may suffer from writer’s block, a lack of creative ideas, relationship problems or a dead-end job. That’s the surface issue, but there’s always something underlying as well.

    In my case, it was a fear of losing the people I love if I “grow beyond them” and become successful or wealthy. Yours might look completely different, but in most cases it’s about not wanting to leave a safe zone where you feel protected from whatever it is your subconscious fears.

    being stuck

    Benefit outside of being stuck


    The process to get un-stuck has two steps:

    1. Be very good to yourself. This happens to everyone who achieves anything, so don’t beat yourself up! Be kind and most of all, patient – the process may take time. Practice self care, get enough sleep, good food etc.

    3. Try and get the benefit in some way that doesn’t require you being stuck. In my case, I reached out to get reassurance from my loved ones. Whatever it is for you, create the same benefit in some different way, and then your block will dissolve, because it’s no longer needed.