• Who Are You Really?



    All right, this is a philosophical question that’s as old as humanity. I want to look at it from a real-life perspective, because most people run around not actually knowing who they are.

    If you ask someone: “Who are you really?”, most people will respond by talking about their family or their job. But these things are just life circumstances (and they can change).

    Your mission today is to re-write your story.

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    Task 1: What does and doesn’t define you


    I’ve already mentioned that other people can never be who you are. Being a mother or a spouse is a role, it’s not you. You can, however, be a loving person!

    Your job or what you do doesn’t define you either. Roles can change, your actions can change.

    In fact, who you are is defined entirely by two things:

    1. Certain talents and natural abilities you were born with
    2. Your story

    This second point seems arbitrary at first. You could tell any story, right? The point is: You don’t. In fact, it doesn’t get more you than what you take as truth about yourself. It shapes who you are.

    who are you
    Photo by Aaron Burden on unsplash.com


    Task 2: Who are you?


    The beauty of this is that once you’re aware of this, you have the ability to change your story. The same kind of situation in life might lead you to completely different, even contradictory conclusions.

    Dig a little. What stories do you tell yourself (and others) about yourself? Are there parts that might serve you better if you interpreted them differently? Mind you, this isn’t about making things up or denying the truth. It’s about seeing what’s there and finding a meaning in it that’s in accordance with the person you want to be.

    Because in the end, you choose who you are. It’s a huge responsibility, but it also means the greatest freedom once you realise this.