• The Beliefs That Limit Your Income And Happiness



    Have you ever met someone who thought life is hard? They never have any time for their passion, they work hard and yet money’s always scarce.

    I know the “life is hard” mindset, because it’s my own. It’s what I grew up with.

    Your mission today is to identify limiting beliefs and learn how to change them.

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    Task 1: Discover the connection


    We tend to focus on one part of our lives and say things would be better if only we had more money, or if only we found the love of our lives. In reality, these things tend to be connected.

    What’s less than ideal in your life? What could you use more of? Focus on that, and then look where else in your life the same energy shows up.

    Task 2: Identify the belief


    Now you need to dig deep. When you think about these areas in your life, what comes to mind? What thoughts pop into your head when you think, for example, that you never have time for your passion?

    It could be: “Well I’ve got to earn money to live on, too.”

    This shows your underlying belief that money has to be earned with hard work. If you think: “But that’s the way it is!”, you’re almost certainly on to a belief.

    Photo by Anna Earl on unsplash.com


    Task 3: Change your programming


    The reason why we don’t do what we know would be good for us, is that we follow our subconscious programming. The building blocks of this programming are our beliefs.

    Here’s how to change a belief:

    • Find counterexamples of why your belief isn’t true.
    • Ask yourself if your belief has *always* been true for you.
    • Replace your belief with something positive.


    This last step includes tasks I hate doing, such as affirmations or writing down my new belief 20 times every day, to make it stick. Coaching can be an invaluable support here! It’s a lot of effort, but it works and it’s worth it.