• 3 Ways Your Passions Can Cause Burnout



    Wait, what? I promote prioritising your passion(s) and now I’m telling you your passions can cause burnout?

    Why yes, they can. It’s a subject not often talked about, but it has massive implications for those who seek joy and fulfilment in life – those who want to live with purpose.

    Your mission today is to learn 3 ways your passions can cause burnout.

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    1. You treat your passion(s) like chores


    I often suggest scheduling your passions the same way you schedule a doctor’s appointment in order to create space for them. What this doesn’t mean is that your passion should be treated like just another chore to check off your endless to-do list. That’s counterproductive and can burn you out in no time.

    Remember passions are about joy. Give yourself time and don’t expect “productivity”. Most passions follow cycles, with phases where you reflect or aren’t very inspired, alternating with times when everything seems to flow by itself.

    2. You have too much going on


    A lot of us already have too much on their plates. They work, look after their families, go to yoga, attend social events… There never seem to be enough minutes in a day.

    If you think about it, it seems insane to insert time for passions into an already busy schedule. Yet that’s what most people try to do, and it’s a shortcut to burnout.

    Prioritising passions means to simplify and decelerate the pace of your life overall. Opt out of anything that isn’t essential. Create the space first, then fill it with passion.

    passions can cause burnout
    Photo by Neslihan Gunaydin on unsplash.com


    3. You try to do it all by yourself


    That’s probably the most common mistake. We have stopped thinking in terms of community. Yet nothing is more inspiring and keeps your passions fresh as well as people to share them with.

    Look for groups, workshops, online communities, and get involved. It’s like blowing on a flame and will give you endless ideas for your passions.