• Be Shamelessly Not Busy



    Okay, we all want to slow down, enjoy the good things in life, eliminate stress. Right?

    Or do we? Whenever two people meet, the exchange seems to be: How are you? Keeping busy? Good, good. Oh yeah, rushed off my feet. Gotta run!

    Your mission is to learn how to not be busy and feel good about yourself.

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    Task 1: Recognise the habit


    We’re all familiar with the exchange I outlined above, aren’t we? It’s hard not to chime in when someone else starts the familiar “who’s the busiest in all the land” dance.

    Your first task is to notice when you’re doing this, and to notice how you feel. Proud? Like you belong? Like you’re an accomplished human? To me, a big thing is that I’m almost ashamed when someone is working three jobs and run off their feet, and I feel like I’m just lazy in comparison.

    Notice. Don’t judge, just become aware of your feelings.

    Task 2: Not busy, please don’t disturb


    The other thing is that being busy can be a great excuse if you don’t want to spend time on something, or with someone. It’s a universally accepted excuse: “Sorry, I can’t, I’m busy!”

    The trick here is to come up with alternatives. How about:

    • “I don’t have the headspace right now.”
    • “I’m so sorry, I have other plans.”
    • “I’ll be working on my (insert passion here) tomorrow, can I get back to you?”

    not busy
    Photo by Thought Catalog on unsplash.com


    Task 3: Actually force yourself to slow down


    You’re used to scheduling tasks, but have you ever scheduled downtime? It might make you feel ridiculous at first.

    Do it anyway. Put in blocks of time in between tasks. Schedule your self care and your passion(s), and also schedule time for not doing much of anything. Give it a few weeks and then you’ll feel the effects as your body relaxes and your soul begins to expand.