• A Ritual To Close Out The Year



    Have you ever planned on changes for the coming year, and then a year or two down the line you realised that things have stayed the same? It’s happened to almost everyone.

    I’d like to offer you an alternative: A way to consciously close out the year, that’ll help you let go of what you’d like to leave behind, preserve what’s good and beautiful, and learn what you need to learn in order to make 2022 amazing.

    Your mission today is to prepare a little ritual to close out the year.

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    Task 1: Close out the year: The good and the bad


    The first thing to do is to create a safe, comfortable space for your ritual. Light a candle, maybe put on some soothing music. Get comfortable and take one or two deep, calming breaths.

    On a piece of paper, write down everything that didn’t go well in 2021. Also write down what you wish to let go of. Re-read the list, feel all the feelings associated with it. Then when you’re ready, tear up the list and throw it out or burn it.

    Then write down all the things that went well, on a separate piece of paper. Spend as much time as you wish on re-living these things. Place the paper next to your candle.

    close out the year

    Task 2: The year ahead


    Now it’s time to take another deep breath and a third piece of paper. On it, write down things you’d like to do in 2022. Focus on things that bring you joy, that feel exciting.

    Also look over your list of good things in 2021 and include as much of it as you can. Then pick one step towards one of your goals, and take that step within the next 24 hours. Close off your ritual with a spoken affirmation, such as: “I work towards achieving these goals to the best of my ability and with the best intentions for everyone involved.”

    Then blow out the candle. Save your goals and review regularly throughout the year.