• Regain Control In The Current Madness



    Our current life is one big exception from the rule. Most of us are in isolation, work from home or not at all, schools are closed, we don’t know when and how things are going to change. Underlying is a feeling of insecurity, of loss of control.

    It’s an unsettling feeling, but you don’t have to just endure it. Your mission today is to learn how to re-gain control.

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    Task 1: Relax, nothing is under control


    You’ve probably heard that saying before! It never fails to make me smile. The truth is that we’re no less in control than we have ever been. There has never been any guarantee: Of a job, of health, money, relationships, etc.

    The issue is that now these facts are so in our faces that we can’t possibly ignore them anymore. What if we chose to see this as an opportunity to come to grips with reality as it is, rather than what we think it should be?

    Task 2: What you can influence


    Stephen Covey differentiated between our circle of interest and our circle of control. The circle of interest is anything we’re interested in but have no control over. Covey stated that if we focus too much on these things, we feel powerless and unhappy.

    You may have noticed that what’s currently on our minds, is almost 100% in our circle of interest. No wonder we’re anxious and sad!

    What we need to do is gently steer our focus back to what we can control, our “circle of influence”. That’s basically ourselves and how we react to things.

    Photo by Free-Photos on pixabay.com


    Task 3: Take back control


    Exercise the control you have. A few suggestions:

    • Allow your emotions. All of them.
    • Let go of the expectation to cope and be on top of everything.
    • Double your self care.
    • Pursue your passion. A lot.
    • Create a life you’ll love to return to.