• Find Your Purpose In 2022



    This is a time when many people take stock and make plans for the new year. It also helps to close off the old year, so if you haven’t done this yet, check out this ritual!

    You may have been here before. You set goals, and perhaps you successfully implemented them. But maybe you’re still missing the “big picture”, a kind of overarching sense of purpose that pulls your life together.

    Your mission is to learn how to find purpose in 2022 and gain a whole new level of happiness.

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    Task 1: How you don’t find purpose


    To learn how to go about discovering your purpose, it helps to know how not to go about it. I’m making this its own task because there’s so much bad advice floating around on the internet.

    First of all – as I’ve said before – your purpose is not something you do. It’s not a job or a particular work. No, a purpose is why you do what you do. Your purpose is linked to who you are at your core, and may be expressed by the work you do, but it is never that work itself.

    find your purpose in 2022

    Task 2: Find your purpose in 2022


    As you may have guessed, finding purpose requires a lot of soul searching. You need to dig deep and get to know your innermost motivations and values. Here are 3 ways in which to discover your purpose.

    1. Align every part of your life with your values. This includes work, lifestyle, and behaviour.
    2. Take a Coaching program. My signature program “The Magic of Purpose” includes all areas of your life, with a big emphasis on your passion(s) and on finding your purpose.
    3. Radically downsize your life and concentrate on your passion(s) this year. Focusing on joy is a guaranteed way of getting in touch with your purpose. One day you’ll simply know the Why.