• You’ve Found Your Passion – Now What?



    Many people come to me because they haven’t found their passion or aren’t sure which of their many interests to pursue. Others however, know exactly what lights them up, but that’s where it stops. What’s next?

    Your mission today is to learn how to know how you should honour your passion.

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    Task 1: The big question: Hobby or income?


    I talk about this a lot, so I’ll keep it brief here: Please don’t feel as though you “should” make your passion your income. You don’t have to be a pro to make it your priority.

    Our society values material success and money. Obviously, it also tells you that in order for a passion to be important, it needs to be your income or business.

    I say, joy and love are why you’re on this planet, not material success. So if your passion lights you up, that’s your reason to make it a priority. Whether you want to make it your income, is secondary.

    found your passion
    Photo by Scott Broome on unsplash.com


    Task 2: You’ve found your passion – now nourish it


    Passions are much like being in love. At the beginning, you pour your all into it, you can’t wait to get there every day and it makes you outrageously happy. Over time, there might be days when you don’t feel like picking it up at all, and it can become annoyingly difficult.

    Just like a good relationship, a passion deserves the effort it takes to make it work. Once the “first flush” is over, establish a routine – set times and also a budget dedicated to your passion. Don’t make your passion fight for your attention with everything else in your life. Instead, prepare a space it’ll occupy, whether you feel like it that day or not.

    Reach out to others who share your passion. There’s nothing more inspiring! If you do make money with your passion, protect that playful space where you just fool around enjoying yourself. Don’t ever let your passion become a painful chore.