• 3 Reasons Why You’re Not Perfectly Happy With Your Passion



    Passions are supposed to make you happy. After all, that’s why it’s so fulfilling – and important – to pursue them.

    However, there are times when it can become almost a chore to focus on your passion. You’re “not feeling it”. You decide to skip a day or a week or three. And you wonder what’s wrong with you.

    Your mission today is to learn 3 reasons why you’re not perfectly happy with your passion.

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    Reason 1: You’ve hit a snag


    Many passions involve a degree of skill or mastery to pursue. You must learn and then continuously improve your skills in order to pursue that passion.

    Everyone, from beginner to world-class pro, faces times when things seem to stagnate. There’s little or no progress, you feel like everyone else can do it better. It’s frustrating.

    When this happens, remember to be patient with yourself. Don’t compare yourself to others, especially pros; you don’t know their struggles. Rather, look back at how far you’ve come already.

    Reason 2: You’re focussing on the wrong thing


    This happens especially to those who make their passion a source of their income. You have a business to run, bills to pay, do the administration, and often end up focused on the wrong things, such as money.

    Of course money needs to be a focus, but your passion should be about joy. Try to make sure you’re secure, get help, and always, always protect the joy of your passion.

    happy with your passion

    Reason 3: You’re too busy to be happy with your passion


    If you’re a human of our time, you’re likely doing too much. You might have a job and/or a family to look after, keep up a busy social life… And because you’re superwoman or -man, you also make time for your passion.

    Passion, however, needs downtime and a rested mind in order to truly bring you that joy. Try and slow down and downsize a little. If you need help, contact me – this stuff is my specialty. If you give it space to breathe, your passion will soon feel as joyful as ever.