• What To Do When You Hate Your Life



    Apologies for the sensationalist title. But many of us have been in situations where we didn’t like where things were going at all. It may have been an unhealthy relationship in its last stages, a bad job you feel trapped in, or a financial low you seemed unabled to dig yourself out of.

    Your mission today is to identify the low point in your life and find a way out.

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    Task 1: Audit your life


    I have a very detailed free Life Audit on my website, so if you have ten minutes to spare, I recommend you take that. Here’s a shortened version:

    Get a piece of paper and notes down how you would rate your life from 1-10 in the following categories.

    • Health
    • Finances
    • Job/Business
    • Relationships
    • Spirituality
    • Passions


    Make the ratings spontaneous, rather than overthinking them. Then identify the lowest area(s) and make a note of them.

    Task 2: Take measures


    You may not be able to up and leave your job instantly, but in my experience, there’s no such thing as a hopeless situation. Tackle your lowest-rated area of life first and identify the measures you could take to lift that rating significantly.

    This may seem insurmountable. The temptation to just cut and run can be overwhelming at this point, but please resist. Instead, get support in the form appropriate to your situation. Don’t try to do it all by yourself. Create an action plan and take the first step straightaway.

    What To Do When You Hate Your Life
    Photo by Saeed Mhmdi


    Task 3: Look after yourself


    Don’t forget your own wellbeing! Self care is paramount in a situation like this. A negative situation in even just one area of your life can eat up huge amounts of energy and drag down everything else. You need to be in good shape mentally and emotionally to dig yourself out.

    You can change your life, and you’ll have more patience and stamina to stick it out if your cup is full.