• Passion Means “Working On Getting Better”



    You’ve heard me say before that a passion is anything that lights you up. That’s my definition. Other people would call any hobby a passion. There are different opinions.

    I would like to define my own idea of what a passion is, in a little more detail. There’s an interesting factor that in my opinion makes all the difference.

    Your mission today is to learn what passion has to do with working on getting better.

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    Task 1: What improving means


    I’ll start off by saying what improving doesn’t mean: It doesn’t mean being competitive, it doesn’t mean beating yourself up or thinking you’re not good enough. It doesn’t even mean being good at something by any definition of the word.

    What it means is that you work on getting better. If you’re a total beginner, you work on becoming an advanced beginner and finally an intermediate. If you’re advanced, you work on becoming a master, or at least on getting as close to that as possible.

    It’s very important to understand this, or you’ll just end up feeling bad about yourself, and that’s not the idea.

    getting better

    Task 2: Working on getting better


    So what does “working on getting better” mean? It means that something is so important to you, you’re so in love with it that you want to get better, or learn more, all the time.

    If your passion is a field of study, you’ll want to read about it, watch documentaries about it, visit locations related to your passion… You soak up any new information like a sponge.

    If your passion is a skill – like a craft or an art – you’ll practice in order to get better. You do this not to beat anyone else, or to show off, but because of the joy you feel when you do better.

    Working on getting better at something you love is immensely gratifying; in fact, it’s the most fulfilling activity I know of.