• First Perfection, Then Total Inertia – Is This Your Pattern?



    Whether it’s healthy eating, exercise, or even prioritising a passion, many of us have an unhealthy cycle going on: We have perfect days, weeks, even months where we’re “good”, followed by complete inertia. That’s when we fall off the wagon, binge Netflix and undo all the good work we’ve achieved before.

    In today’s mission you’ll learn why you keep falling into this pattern and how to prevent it from happening again.

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    Task 1: Why perfection isn’t perfect


    “I was so happy! I had loads of energy and couldn’t wait for my run every morning,” said my client. She couldn’t comprehend why she would sabotage herself by stopping.

    The reasons for this are manifold, but none of them have anything to do with your willpower or intelligence. So Task 1 a) is to let yourself off the hook!

    In fact, there are psychological reasons for your behaviour. We all have deeply rooted beliefs that stem from our childhood. Perhaps we’ve internalised a parent’s or teacher’s voice, and this make us very conflicted:

    • We want to be “good”
    • At the same time, we want to rebel

    If this seems silly, consider that capable, intelligent people have been known to start drinking or abusing drugs again long after becoming clean. It’s a very real obstacle.

    perfection then inertia
    Photo by Brooke Lark on unsplash.com


    Task 2: Break the pattern of perfection, then inertia


    It’s time to turn it around. This means letting go of both states: The overly perfection and the total inertia. So what to do instead?

    There are several components to this. I’m listing a few for you to get started:

    • Let go of the seductive simplicity of “everything changes, now!” Too much at a time invites failure. Implement one tiny step at a time.
    • Simplify the rest of your life. Reduce your online time, cancel social obligations.
    • Take plenty of time for yourself, to do whatever you please (even binge Netflix)
    • Practice Self Care regularly.
    • Schedule time for what lights you up.