• Is It Serious Or Casual (Your Passions, That Is)?



    When we meet a potential romantic partner, we tend to avoid rushing in. Once we’ve established we like each other, that’s when the other person takes precedence over others in our lives. However, some relationships will always remain casual and might have to take a back seat when we’re busy at work or with other areas of our lives.

    You see, your passions are very similar. Your mission today is to learn whether you’re ‘committed’ or ‘casual’.

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    Task 1: Let me count the ways


    Just like a romantic partner (and anything else in your life, really), you passions get a certain amount of your energy and attention. How much that is, depends much less on outer circumstances such as how much time you have than we tend to believe.

    Generally, we’ll find both time and money for the things we deem worthwhile. So, is it serious?

    It’s worth asking yourself these two questions:

    1. How often does it happen that you’re prevented from pursuing your passion?
    2. What are the things that get in the way (your job? Your children? Tiredness/lack of motivation? etc.)?

    is it serious
    Photo by Leo Fontes on pixabay.com


    Task 2: Is it serious?


    Obviously, the less you are prevented from pursuing your passion and the fewer things are capable of preventing you, the higher the priority you place on your passion. What does this mean?

    It means that if you say your passion and your joy are important to you, you need to treat them accordingly.

    To do this, look at your answers to question 2 above and try to find solutions for them. Obviously, these solutions will be as varied as our lives are individual. You might get an assistant at work or change jobs to free up time or get help in the household or with your children. You could practice more self care and take rest seriously so you’ll have more time and energy.

    Give yourself a chance to actually prioritise your passions. The joy will follow.