• 5 Ways Out Of The Isolation That Kills Your Passions



    When I was still in Ireland, I was the co-initiator of a monthly arts & crafts market. Our intention was to bring people together who otherwise were all alone with their passions, and it was a roaring success. Initially, people often didn’t even sell anything, but they were still buzzing by the end of the day, simply from the contact and exchange with other humans.

    Passions need lifeblood, and community is that lifeblood (here’s Barbara Sher calling isolation the “dream killer”). Your mission today is to learn how to use community to fuel your passions.

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    Task 1: Learn how isolation kills your passions


    Ask people on a football team, players of a multiplayer game, in a theatre ensemble, what the best thing about their work is? They’ll say, the cameraderie and the mutual understanding.

    Nothing takes more effort and persistence than sticking with something day in, day out, through ups and downs, all through your own effort. If you need to carve out time for it on top of all that, chances are you’ll give up eventually.

    Realise that you don’t have to do it all by yourself.

    Photo by Wonderlane on unsplash.com


    Task 2: 5 ways to find community


    Here are 5 ideas to get you going in finding a way out of your isolation.

    1. Look for a local group (google it, ask around) like a book club or a crafting circle.
    2. Look for a course or workshop, or a masterclass.
    3. Visit an event, gathering or faire.
    4. Social media or online forums have groups on almost every subject.
    5. Visit a shop related to your passion, and get chatting.

    (5b: Create a group or club around your passion!)

    In our day and age, we get more and more used to isolating ourselves and hiding away at home behind our computers. Actively, consciously fight against this tendency and nudge yourself into the real world occasionally. Nothing pumps up your enthusiasm like shared passions.