One Thing You Need To Actually Manifest What You Want



Ever since the movie The Secret, the process of manifestation and the law of attraction have been widely known. And yet, it’s still one of the most misunderstood concepts as well. Even those who do their best to understand, often don’t manage to attract the things they want.

Your mission is to learn the one thing you must master in order to manifest what you truly want.

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Task 1: Learn the process of manifestation


Those who believe the law of attraction is a humbug, are fond of saying that it’s supposed to attract “whatever you think”. Indeed it’s what sources like the movie say at the beginning – the point is, they don’t leave it at that.

In its simplest form, the process is:

  • thoughts, which lead to
  • feelings, which spark
  • inspired action, which leads to
  • results.


This process is deceptively simple, because the above steps are logical and natural. If you’ve ever achieved anything, chances are you’ve followed them without consciously noticing. But there’s a rub, an element which is easily overlooked.

manifest what you want

Task 2: Manifest what you want


The one missing piece of information is that “feeling” doesn’t mean to temporarily put yourself into a state where you’re excited about the thing you’re manifesting. The deciding factor is to expect the result.

In life, you don’t get what you think, or feel, and often not what you work for either. You get what you expect.

Unfortunately, that’s where the real work comes in. How can you stop doubting? What if you carry trauma? The answer is, you’re going to have to change in order to manifest a changed reality. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

  • Work on healing your trauma.
  • Do things that make you happy (such as pursuing your passion!).
  • Seriously, do what makes you happy.
  • Visualise your goal. Daydream about it in the present tense.
  • Express what you want in a creative way (paint it, write it, dance it).