• The Secret To Loving Life



    “Enjoy the little things in life because one day you’ll look back and realise they were the big things.” -Kurt Vonnegut

    A client of mine, who’s now 60, used to think that her happiest moments were the times when her son did well in school and later finished college with distinction. Actually, what she remembers most fondly is the breakfasts with him in the sun-flooded kitchen, just being together, spending time.

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    The only reality is now


    Setting goals and planning ahead is important. Acknowledging and learning from your past is important. But the only real life you have is in the here and now, in this moment. This is where the majority of your time and attention should be spent if you want to start loving life.

    Why is this important? Because the present is the only time you can actually work on your goals and make a difference. It’s the only time you have to truly enjoy.

    Process: Return to the moment


    • Twice a day, set an alarm on your phone and then do the following process: Deep breath, attention to your body. Find any discomfort, ease it. Deep breath, feel the comfort, feel gratitude. Loving life means finding small things to be grateful now in this moment. Deep breath.

    • Feel your heart beat, marvel at its unfailing efficiency to nourish you and keep you alive.

    • Do stop and smell the flowers. Appreciate nature, your loved ones, your life.


    loving life

    Appreciation of life


    This isn’t a philosophical concept, it’s a smart way of creating happiness, appreciation, and a feeling of control over your life. It reminds you to literally stop and smell the flowers, to notice all the little things, and to stop taking them for granted.

    It’s a great habit to make. Try it and notice what it does to your life over the next week or two.