• The Magic Of Outsourcing



    I’ve said before that we try to do too much. We expect of ourselves to do all the work that historically all the different classes had to do: The upper class, you might have been lawyers or doctors, and the lower class who had to do the house work. At the same time, we expect of ourselves to be in perfect shape physically and look great.

    True, a lot of work is much easier today – just think of washing mashines! Without these inventions, we would stand no chance. But even so, it’s too much.

    Your mission today is to understand the magic of outsourcing.

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    Task 1: Why is it too much?


    Some people really do work around the clock and never sit still. It’s clear why they never seem to have time to do what they love!

    Maybe you’re different. You might have a small household and not that much work. I’m the same, but it’s still a lot.

    The reason for this is that we need a different kind of focus at work, at home, for housework and different tasks. It’s this switching back and forth that exhausts us. Having time is not the same as having headspace for a passion.

    the magic of outsourcing - friends around a garden table

    Task 2: Find your outsourcing sweet spot


    Obviously, if you’re in dire straits financially, outsourcing might currently not be an option at all. As long as you’re on a sufficient income, though, you’ll be able to find ways.

    You needn’t get a cleaner who comes in every day. I started with one who came twice a month and only cleaned the floors and the bathroom. That already made a huge difference.

    Outsourcing options: Cleaning, laundry, ironing, paperwork (such as taxes), childminding, garden work, cooking. The options are sheer endless.

    You can always outsource more, or less, when your situation changes. Get started now, and breathe some free air. You’ll soon find the energy for your passion(s).