• Do You Need A Certain Set-up For Your Passion?



    When I asked my client why she wasn’t painting more often – which is her No. 1 passion – she said: “I’m tired after work, and then I need to set up the easel and get my paints from the top cupboard with a step ladder, and it sounds silly, but some days it’s just too much.”

    It didn’t sound silly at all. I thought she was making a lot of sense. Your mission today is to make sure you’re set up for pursuing your passion.

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    Task 1: Caveat – Don’t rely on circumstances


    I’ll start out with a disclaimer. Needing a certain set-up to pursue your passion shouldn’t become an excuse not to pursue it. Don’t think that just because you don’t have the perfect set-up one day, for whatever reason, you can’t do what lights you up.

    This is about making things easier for you, not establishing a set of conditions. Don’t become too dependent on having the required set-up; that would be counter-productive.

    set-up for your passion

    Task 2: Create the perfect set-up for your passion


    The client I just mentioned ended up creating a painting corner in her home office. It was a space where her easel could just remain standing and behind it was a small chest of drawers with plenty of paper, all her paints and brushes, and everything else she needed.

    This is the idea. Whatever your passion is, it’ll probably require a certain set-up to pursue. If you’re a musician, don’t lock away your instrument or sheet music – have them at hand. If you’re pursuing a field of study, keep your books and desk or sofa at eye level and in a comfortable corner.

    Creating your own “crafting corner” or “thinking haven” has a powerful effect. You’re literally allowing your passion to take up space in your life. This doesn’t just make it easier to pursue your passion even if you’re tired or not in the mood, it also puts a focus on what lights you up.