• What Does It Mean To “Pursue Your Passion”?



    I spend a lot of time clarifying the expressions passion and purpose, because they are used to mean such a wide variety of different things nowadays. Sometimes it seems they’ve lost their meaning altogether.

    When people tell you to pursue your passion, they often mean “find a job that you’re passionate about” or “turn your passion into your job or business”. Your mission today is to recognise what passion truly means and how powerful it is.

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    Task 1: Pursue your passion, full stop


    “Pursue” means to follow and strive for. In the context of passions, it means to do what you’re passionate about. I call it doing what lights you up.

    Do you notice something? It’s not “earning money with” something, nor even “being good at” it! It’s simply to do what lights you up.

    Your passion is history? Pursue your passion by reading, visiting historic sites, whatever gives you that buzz. Is you passion singing, then sing your heart out without worrying if your voice is “good enough” or pressuring yourself to sing on a stage (unless that’s what you want).

    A passion isn’t a job or a business. Got that? Good.

    pursue your passion
    Photo by David Vilches on unsplash.com


    Task 2: What if you do have a passion job or business?


    Of course this doesn’t mean that you can’t have a job that you’re passionate about. Neither does it mean that you can’t be a professional singer, actor, writer etc and earn money with your passion.

    What it means is that you need to be clear which is which. Clarity is important because I’ve seen too many people lose their passion when they tried to make a living from it. People burn themselves out or depend on outward success, either financially or emotionally. This can drain a passion of all joy in no time at all.

    Don’t let this happen to you. Know which part is your passion and which is the business, and keep them separate in your heart and mind.