• Success, Love, Happiness: The Missing Piece You Overlook



    Many people I meet would like to do something bold: go travelling, start their own business, dedicate themselves to the loves of their lives.

    And end up never having enough time, or meeting people who offer lukewarm love rather than undying passion. Instead of doing what lights them up, they work to make ends meet.

    The truth is, we have it backwards when it comes to creating our lives. Your mission is to learn the missing piece that’ll help you attain whatever you want.

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    Task 1: What’s the missing piece?


    Success gurus often talk about mindset and people react with cynicism. “Feel rich? I’ll do that when I’ve made my first million,” they’ll say, and that seems reasonable, but really it’s backwards. We need to trust life first and leap in order for the net to appear.

    Success stories often start with something like: “I had no idea where the money was going to come from,” or: “I had no degree, no experience, I just decided that this was what I was going to do.”

    Task 2: Prepare to heal


    Sounds great, doesn’t it? In reality, it’s not always that easy. Many of us are hurt or traumatised; we’ve lost our trust.

    Therefore, take some time to heal. Find friends who understand, join groups, get therapy if old hurts keeps showing up. You don’t need to be perfectly “whole” for this to work; just making the decision to heal can restore you enough for your intuition to work.

    Missing piece
    Photo by silviarita on pixabay.com


    Task 3: Know when you’re on the right track


    Now it’s time to dare, trust, take risks – but in a way which feels aligned with your soul and your deepest wishes. Here’s a quick self-test:

    • Do you avoid looking at your bank balance or even thinking about what could happen?
    • Or are you a little nervous and scared, but also deeply happy about what you’re doing?

    Learning the difference is a great gift to yourself.