• Start A Perfect Day With A Morning Routine



    Ever had a dream that set the mood for the entire day?

    “Morning routine” sounds boring, but it’s a surefire way to set yourself up for the day in a healthy way. Your moods needn’t be subject to outer circumstances or other people. You’re in control.

    Some people claim they don’t have time for a morning routine. However, it’s up to you to tailor your routine to your schedule, and in the following, I’ll help you create the space you need.

    Your mission: Determine the perfect morning routine for you and put it in place.

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    Task 1: Find the perfect morning routine


    There are so many things you can do in the morning. Your task is to find out your preferences, so please get a pen and paper, and write down whatever appeals to you. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

    • Journalling / morning pages (it’s a thing! Look it up)
    • Meditation – try these (5 or 10 minutes is fine!)
    • Body care
    • Exercise (read Spark! by John J. Ratey)
    • Breakfast
    • Set an intention for your day
    • Plan your day


    morning routine
    Photo by Toa Heftiba on unsplash.com


    Task 2: Fit your routine into your schedule


    Now look over what you’ve written down for Task 1. Is there anything you’d like to add or take out? Take a few minutes to make the necessary adjustments.

    The next step is to calculate how long all this will take you, and then count backwards from when you need to leave the house or start working. That’s the time you should set your alarm for.

    Too early? Look what you can drop from your morning routine, to make it fit into the time you’ve got. Or think of ways how you can go to sleep earlier in the evening. It’s well worth it for the gains in clarity, emotional balance and productivity a morning routine provides.

  • Morning Routines For Every Schedule

    morning routine

    There was a time when I tried to introduce a new beneficial hippy-habit every week or so. I did meditation, kept a gratitude list, wrote morning pages, and tried to get in regular walks around my neighbourhood. I didn’t do too well, though.

    What I didn’t know back then was that it takes at least 21 days for a new habit to get established. I was also setting myself up for failure by trying to change too much all at once, and then inevitably falling back into the way I’d done things for years.

    There are ways of establishing good habits which make it much more likely for you to succeed and stick with it. One of those ways is to establish a routine at a certain time of the day, so that your new habit will always happen at the same time.

    An excellent time for this is the early morning, for several reasons: Your brain is like a blank canvass in the morning, your attention still fresh. You’re less likely to be distracted by shiny things coming at you from all directions, such as the internet, news, or your family. As an additional benefit, your morning routine will set a positive tone for the whole day.

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    What goes into a morning routine?


    What your morning routine will look like, depends on what you’re interested in, and of course it also depends on what you’ve got time for. To get your imagination going, here’s a list of possible elements in your morning routine – feel free to pick what you like, discard the rest, and come up with entirely different things on your own.

    • Meditation. Don’t think it only counts if you meditate for at least half an hour. Five, even three minutes are already good for you, and you can always choose a guided meditation if that’s easier for you than trying to empty your mind completely.
    • Morning pages. I don’t have the space here to explain what this is, so if you don’t know, I suggest you google the term! It’s an amazing practice for gaining clarity and knowledge of yourself.
    • Exercise. A lot of the most successful people get up at ungodly hours to fit in a bit of exercise. It might not be your cup of tea, but it certainly gets both the body and the brain primed for the day!
    • A cuddle session with your kid. Five, ten minutes of closeness with your child will get both of you in a good mood and inoculate you against many trials that can happen during the day at work or school.
    • A healthy breakfast. If it’s a smoothy, or muesli, whatever makes you feel wonderful in the morning, should be on your schedule. It’s one thing you really ought to make time for.
    • Reading. I read a non-fiction book for 30 minutes each morning. It’s very important for me to prime my mind and get into a positive attitude before I start my day. Experiement a little – even 10 minutes will make a difference.


    A few sample routines


    If you have 30+ minutes

    In the following, I’ll give you a few example routines for inspiration. So, if you have 30 minutes or more, your routine could look something like this:

    • 5 minutes of mindfulness meditation sitting up in bed
    • 10 minutes of writing morning pages
    • 15 minutes of reading something uplifting
    • Getting up, getting ready, then going for a 10-minute walk around the block.
    • Having a scrumptious smoothie for breakfast.

    If you have 15 minutes

    • 5 minutes of mindfulness meditation sitting up in bed
    • 10 minutes finding and writing down your three main priorities for the day

    If you have 5 minutes

    • Stand by the open window, breathe in the fresh air and do a sun salute (yoga)


    Make it easy for yourself


    If you are serious about establishing a morning routine that suits you, it helps to have a few variables in place beforehand. First of all, look after your basic needs – I’m mostly thinking of sleep here. If you regularly wake up sleep-deprived, you won’t stick with any routine.

    Another point is to try and wake up at (roughly) the same time every day. This, too, can become a routine, and it improves both the quality of your sleep and the likelihood that you’ll stick with your new morning routine.

    Finally, don’t be afraid to experiement for a bit and find out what suits you best. It’s worth doing things differently if it means that you’ll truly reap the full benefit of your routine.