• My Story: 3 Steps To Creating A Life Of Passion And Purpose



    People have been nudging me to share my story, and I was reluctant. However, it actually is a good example of the things I talk about all the time – passion & purpose – and so I thought it can’t hurt to try.

    Your mission is to learn 3 steps to creating a life of passion and purpose.

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    Task 1: Create your vision


    In my case, I created my vision according to my passions, and since I’m a multi-passionate, this involved sorting through a lot of different things. Here’s what I did:

    • Wrote down my passions
    • Wrote down how I would pursue them
    • Estimated the time needed per week
    • Wrote down my vision as a perfect “day in the life”


    Task 2: Align your life with your passion and purpose vision


    We often fail to plan for the long term, and it’s easy to see why: Something (such as a pandemic…) can happen and ruin all your plans. But it’s still important to have that vision, because only then can you actively work on aligning yourself with it.

    I filmed an entire episode on alignment and it includes a list of values, which I recommend you download. It’s important because too many people actively pursue dreams that are completely out of alignment with either their values or their chosen lifestyle.

    passion and purpose
    Photo by Nong Vang on unsplash.com


    Task 3: Ask yourself what you can do without


    This is probably the trickiest bit. We can “have it all” in terms of your dreams, but we can’t possibly fit all the possible worthy choices and paths in life into one lifetime. That’s why it’s so important to chose something that’s in alignment – and equally important to know what you can do without.

    In my case, this was:

    • Pets.
    • Riches.
    • A conventional relationship and family.

    Your task is to find out what these things are in your life, and make a conscious decision about them.

  • Don’t Wait. You’ll Never Be Ready.



    I was talking to a potential client, who said she’d definitely sign up for Coaching. “I just can’t do it right now,” she said, “the boiler in my house just broke and it’s costing a fortune to replace it. But I’ll do it in a month or two!”

    She genuinely wanted to prioritise her crafting and align her life with her purpose. She had a very good reason to postpone. But in the end, she used that reason as an excuse. She never signed up.

    She isn’t a changeable person, by the way. This is how all humans are, and it’s killing our dreams.

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    Our reasons are excuses


    Humans are masters at justifying our actions. We can explain rationally why we don’t have the money right now or don’t have the time.

    These reasons may be valid, but if we’re using them to justify not doing what we want to do, we’re shooting ourselves in the foot. The truth is that life keeps on happening. There’ll always be something going on – it’s up to us to decide whether we’ll let that hold us back or not.

    A challenge in life is hard enough on its own. Don’t give it additional power by letting it keep you from doing what you love.

    Don't Wait. Jump.
    Photo by Kristopher Roller


    Resistance is normal


    In Do The Work, Steven Pressfield says we battle with resistance which is equal in strength to the good we’re trying to do or create. He also points out that everyone goes through this.

    Learn to recognise when it’s your resistance talking, no matter how reasonable its voice sounds. Some examples of good reasons that are getting used as excuses:

    I’ll do it,

    • once the kids are in school.
    • when I’ve paid off my car loan.
    • as soon as I’ve found a job.
    • once I’ve saved up some money.

    The remedy? Do it now! If you can pay for it after saving for some months, you can pay for it now and save the money back. Every life situation can be adapted to suit what lights you up. Don’t listen to your resistance. Jump.