• The Transformation Of Prioritising Passions



    Most people think what I do is help people make time for their hobbies. It can be exasperating to explain that prioritising passion transforms your entire life and rattles the foundations of our modern, dysfunctional society.

    Your mission today is to learn about the effects of prioritising your passion, as well as how to put it into practice for yourself.

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    Task 1: Be subversive


    Why passions? Why joy and purpose?

    It’s no secret that our society today is based on several thousand years of patriarchy. Now, neither the male nore the female principle – quite apart from everything in between and beyond – is good or bad in itself. The problems start when only one principle is deemed valid and useful.

    We are so brainwashed into valuing only practical, linear, logical things, we don’t even notice it. Pepople spend their entire lives pursuing money, a house, a career, without noticing they aren’t happy. The pursuit of joy, prioritising passions – above money and prestige – of what lights us up, is nothing short of revolutionary.

    What you can do: Make a decision to focus on what matters.

    prioritising passions
    Photo by Maddi Bazzocco on unsplash.com


    Task 2: Prioritising passions in practice


    Make no mistake, this is going to hurt. Again, the principles of usefulness and practicality are so ingrained in us, we never question them. And of course, this isn’t to say that you should stop earning money or caring for your family, because obviously that would be detrimental.

    The focus you decided on in Task 1, is meaningless unless you follow it up with actions. Where you put your time and money, is what matters to you most.

    What you can do: Every morning, after waking up, determine which passion you’ll focus on. Make room for it, that same day. Do this every day. Also, invest in your passion, through a course, Coaching, or whatever is appropriate. Money is energy and carries a lot of focus.