• Can You Stay Positive In A World Gone Crazy?



    Whenever I spend too much time catching up on political news, I get frustrated and sad. It can be incredibly disheartening to see all that’s wrong with the world.

    The trouble is, news don’t represent reality, because they focus on everything negative. News outlets exist to sell themselves and it’s an old wisdom that “bad news is good news” in terms of sales and views/ratings.

    Is it possible to stay positive and keep your peace of mind in the middle of all this? I say it is, and I also say it’s necessary if we really want to create a better world.

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    Focus on what you can change


    Stephen Covey differentiates between your Circle of Influence and Circle of Interest. Focus on the Circle of Interest, the things you can change. Take action, sign petitions, donate, go marching (but don’t beat yourself up if you’re afraid to).

    Don’t sit and comtemplate all the deaths and injustices. This doesn’t help anyone and just brings you down needlessly.

    Process anger


    Acknoledge, feel, cry if necessary. Processing:

    • Time in nature
    • Physical activity (stomping, dancing, pacing)
    • Deep breaths, scream


    Realise that people are good


    The more time you spend with media, especially online, the more skewed your view of the world gets. Some people seriously think the world is full of nasty, evil-minded people. Actually, they just make up a large proportion of those populating political discussions online.

    Stay away. Getting involved wastes time and energy and your precious emotional stability. You can’t convince anyone in writing over the internet (trust me, I’ve tried!).

    Instead, spend your energy on building an outrageously joyful, passionate life for yourself. I know of no more powerful force than love. Pleasure, joy and passion all contribute to the love you radiate, and this is what truly changes the world for the better.