• The Secret To Beating Procrastination



    You’ll often hear me saying that I haven’t met a lazy person in my life. Most people who say they’re lazy, are simply trying to do too much, or they think they should do more.

    There are many people online who tell you how to change your mindset or get motivated. Whilst these are worthwhile things to do, they’re not necessary for you stop procrastinating.

    Your mission today is to learn the one secret to beating procrastination.

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    Task 1: Check if you perhaps have a point


    I need to say this first, because the last thing I want is to contribute to the modern madness of trying to do everything, all at once, and perfectly. I don’t want anyone to use this video to try and cram even more into their already-full schedule!

    Therefore, your first task is to check whether your procrastination might be trying to tell you something. Could it be that you’re trying to do it all? Work a lot, keep your house clean, look after kids, pursue a passion – it’s no wonder you find yourself dragging your feet.

    The remedy is downsizing. Work less, or get help in the household. Find people to share your passion with. Do less, not more. Your need to procrastinate will disappear.

    beating procrastination

    Task 2: The secret to beating procrastination


    When it comes to procrastination, people will preach about motivation and mindset change. Actually, the best thing to do is much simpler.

    Maybe you know someone who cleans their entire house when they want to avoid having a difficult conversation. They don’t necessarily love cleaning, they just hate confrontation even more. And here’s your secret.

    When I was working through a boring but effective piano course, I had to kick myself into practising. Until I decided that as long as I wasn’t practising, I may as well study grammar. Suddenly I practised!

    Therefore: If you don’t want to do something, find something you want to do even less. It sounds simple, but it really works.