• How To Stop Sabotaging Yourself



    Most of us have been there: We’d really love do something, and then never “get around to it”. It took me years to finally give up my soulless job and move to the West of Ireland. Some people say they’ll go travelling, or move to the countryside. Or they swear they’ll make their passion a priority.

    The real reason why we’re not doing these things doesn’t come from the outside, it’s in the way we think. Your mission today is to recognise your unhelpful patterns of thinking and turn them around so you stop sabotaging yourself.

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    Task 1: Break the habit


    You’ve heard of “you are what you think”, and that’s true, but what you are comes largely from what you do, how you act. And that’s what’s directly influenced by your thinking.

    Here are a few examples of thought habits:

    • Thought: Rich/successful people are just lucky. Truth: Some are, but a lot of people create their own success.
    • Thought: The circumstances aren’t right (yet). Truth: They’ll never be right, so stop waiting. People have achieved great things in the most unfavourable circumstances.
    • Thought: I’m not educated/qualified/skilled enough to do this. Truth: By thinking like this, you’re sabotaging yourself. You learn by doing, and can study along the way. Start before you’re ready.


    sabotaging yourself

    Task 2: Get unstuck


    It’s important first to recognise that your thinking is what’s keeping you stuck. This is important because you’re essentially giving your power away. Now that you’ve realised this, it’s time to take it back.

    • Decide that you’ll do that thing you’ve been meaning to, right now, today. No more postponing.
    • Take the first step. You guessed it, you don’t get to postpone that either. Do it today.
    • Enlist help and support (such as a course or Coaching), but don’t postpone the first two points until after you’ve done this. Make the decision, take the first step, and then learn as you go.