• The 1 Shift You Need To Spend More Time On Your Passion



    People often tell me that they do have time to spend on their passion, they just don’t do it. I’ve mentioned before that most people think they’re just lazy (which isn’t true).

    Others say they spend too much time online, or on social media. They treat this as a character flaw, like occasionally indulging in too many sweets.

    Your mission is to learn the one shift you need to make that’ll get you to spend more time on your passion.

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    Task 1: What makes creativity thrive


    When I say creativity, I don’t just mean art of crafts. It requires creativity to learn something, or to play a sport – basically, anything that’s actively doing something, as opposed to just consuming.

    Studies have proven conclusively that creativity thrives on one surprising thing: boredom. You read that correctly. Remember being a child and daydreaming in a boring lesson at school? You came up with entire stories and adventures, all in your mind.

    Maybe you’re beginning to see why screens are a much bigger problem than you thought.

    Task 2: The devastating effect of screens


    You’re not off the hook if you don’t like social media. This concerns you even if you only watch the news or educational content like this video.

    A lot of online content is highly useful or enjoyable. The issue is that we tend to spend way too much time in front of screens – be it on social media, email, gaming, your phone or tablet and even the TV.

    These screens occupy our minds. That’s the opposite of boredom.

    spend time on your passion

    Task 3: How to break free and spend more time on your passion


    To break free, a media detox is in order. For one weekend or at least one day, don’t use any screens. Resist the temptation to fill the space with alternative activities. Your task is to endure the discomfort, endure the unrest, feel the boredom.

    After that, you can implement regular offline times, such as after 9 pm, or one full day per week. Soon you’ll find your natural “motivation” for your passion re-occur as your mind recovers from the constant media bombardment.