• Stop Worshipping Strength



    Being strong is a great thing. Physical strength helps you in everyday life; mental and emotional strength make you more resilient to the trials of life.

    However, there’s a danger in worshipping strength – in others and ourselves – too much. In our society, there’s almost a cult around strong humans. Just look at most Hollywood movies if you don’t believe me.

    Your mission today is to learn why it’s important to stop worshipping strength – and what to do instead.

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    Task 1: What’s wrong with being strong?


    Of course there’s nothing wrong with it! Someone who survives cancer and manages to keep a positive outlook, is amazing. People who win olympic medals, are admirable.

    But what about weakness? What about people with physical ailments who’ll never be able to run, jump, or ski? What about someone who succumbs to depression and take their own life? Are they bad people?

    The truth is, that strength is needed only when things aren’t right. Our worship of strength almost makes it seem like awful experiences are a good thing. They’re not. It also makes it seem like ease is superficial and silly. It isn’t.

    stop worshipping strength

    Task 2: How to stop worshipping strength


    Nobody should feel bad for being strong – on the contrary. But nobody should feel bad for being weak, either. What we should do is support everyone according to their needs, and work on building a society that leaves nobody behind.

    By all means admire people who are strong, but resist worshipping strength and instead, invite ease into your life. Pursuing passions, doing something for the sole reason that it brings you joy, is contrary to strength worship, and accoring to the cult, they aren’t worth anything because you don’t suffer for it.

    Life does not have to be hard all the time. Look for ease. Let go. Do less. And actively, consciously, and relentlessly pursue what lights you up. Both you and the world in general, could use a breather.