• Having Trouble With Meditation? Try Passions



    Almost everyone agrees that meditation is beneficial; at least, everyone has heard that it is. And still it’s a challenge for many people. I often hear someone doesn’t have time to meditate, or that they have trouble with meditation; they “just can’t do it”.

    Your mission today is to use your passions to get into the present moment.

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    Task 1: Meditation and Mindfulness


    Meditation is not hard, but a lot of people are almost afraid of it. And indeed, the type of meditation where you “stop thinking”, takes some practice to achieve. If you’d like a somewhat less daunting start, I recommend mindfulness.

    Put simply, mindfulness is becoming aware of your present moment and your present activity. Of course there’s more to it, which you can read up about, but in its most basic form, you can start right now by paying attention to your body and what you’re doing right now.

    In the next task, I’ll teach you my favourite way of arriving in the present moment.

    trouble with meditation
    Photo by bridgesward on pixabay.com


    Task 2: Mindfulness through passions


    I always emphasise that passions give you joy, and they do of course. But what they also do is provide a shortcut to “living in the moment”. It’s like meditation in action, applied mindfulness, and if you’re having trouble with meditation, I definitely recommend it.

    When we do something that lights us up, we forget time. Have you ever looked up after five minutes and realised it’s actually been two hours? That’s because you got absorbed in your passion. You no longer paid attention to the outside world, you were fully in the moment.

    Strictly speaking, you actually transcend mindfulness this way, you go beyond being aware of what you’re doing to no longer being aware of anything except bliss. This state is called “flow”, and there will be another video about it soon.

    In any case, it’ll eliminate distractions and ground you in the here and now. This state is as rare as it is important in our modern world.