• The Unsexy Truth About Everything



    The online space is full of offers that promise you instant riches and instant transformation. Do you know why this is all you seem to see?

    Let me tell you what happened when I decided to speak truth and offered articles and videos about the concept of baby steps, about long-term goals and persistence: Crickets! Nobody viewed or read any of it. People want the “Fix everything” button, not the unsexy truth, the process of actually revolutionising your life.

    Your mission is to realise how much you can accomplish, and to learn how.

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    Task 1: Ask for the “why”, not the “what”


    Have you ever wondered why instant everything is such an enticing promise? After all, most people agree that the most valuable things in their lives are things that took some time to build.

    I believe the appeal is twofold:

    1. Easy is better than difficult. If there’s a magic button, I want to know where it is!
    2. We don’t trust ourselves enough to believe we’ll stick with consistant effort.

    Ask yourself why you want what you want. For example, do you actually want riches, or is it the freedom that comes with being financially independent and not having to work? Go deep and find out what truly makes you tick.

    unsexy truth
    Photo by vaun0815 on unsplash.com


    Task 2: Learn the unsexy truth and find that it’s amazing


    The unsexy truth is that most things worth achieving take time and effort. What’s great about it is that you can definitely do it – anyone can take baby steps, after all.

    The only reason you’re not doing it is that you think it’ll bring slow and boring results. In fact, it’s what transformations are made of! This is where passions come in. They keep you in a “high vibration” and enchant the journey with magic.

    To ensure you’ll really stick with it, get a Coach and keep focusing on your passion(s). It’s a combination which makes it almost impossible for you to fail.