• Which Passion Should You Focus On?



    If you’re a multipassionate or scanner personality, your life motto could be “not enough minutes in a day.” I know, I’m one, too!

    It can be incredibly challenging to try and find the time for your varying and changing passions and still find something to focus on to, for example, earn your living with.

    Your mission today is to learn how to choose which passion to focus on.

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    Task 1: Income or not?


    There is this false belief in our society that to pursue your passion, you need to make it your income. It’s closely related to the belief that a passion can’t be a priority unless you’re highly talented and/or proficient. Let’s unpack this.

    I define a passion as something which lights you up. That’s it! Not something you’re a prodigy in, have done for a long time, and/or are particularly good at.

    If you do have a passion you’d like to turn into your income, go for it! Just remember – especially if you’re a multipassionate – there’s no need to make money with all your passions. Just pick one. The rest can still be a priority, but they don’t all have to be your income.

    which passion
    Photo by Chandan Chaurasia on unsplash.com


    Task 2: How to choose and prioritise


    How do you choose the passion that should become your income? And if you don’t wish to make money with it, how to you pick the passion(s) to focus on at this moment? Here are a few approaches:

    • Write down all your current passions. Highlight the ones you’ve had for most of your life or at least 10 years.
    • Find “themes” among your passions, such as study/academic, sports, helping others etc.
    • As a multipassionate, whatever “buzzes” for you the most at any given time, is your priority. Focus on it, and trust that when you lose interest, you’ll have learned what you needed to learn.
    • When you make your passion your business, pick one that matches a theme which has been present all your life.