• Vlog 10: Wild Croatian Seas & A Tour Of My New House

    Wild Croatian Seas

    I was incredibly lucky last week. It was a stormy day, but for some reason, there was also bright sunshine near the coast. And I happened to be driving along that coast! So I stopped in Senj, a small but beautiful town a bit South of where I live.

    The wind seemed determined to blow me into the sea, but I managed to keep my feet, haha! You’ll see the resulting footage (hence the title “Wild Croatian Seas”!) in the last minutes of the vlog.

    The rest of it is a little recap of 2021 and the long-promised tour of my new house! Don’t expect too much now, it’s only got two rooms for the time being. But it’ll give you a bit of an impression of my life up here on the mountain, and I hope you’ll enjoy it.

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    wild croatian seas