• If Not Now, When? 3 Steps Towards Your Best Life



    Happy second half of 2019!

    If you’re like me (and around 2% of the population), you’ve got written goals you review every quarter. And if you’re not like me, today is a great time to start writing down goals.

    But this isn’t just about dreaming and writing down. This is about taking action. A goal you don’t work to achieve, remains a dream.

    Your mission is to set/review your goals and take the first steps towards your best life.

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    Task 1: Lose the excuse


    When it comes to setting goals and taking action, some people will always have a reason not to do it. The truth is, you’ll always find a reason (read: an excuse) if you want to – and similarly, you’ll always find a way if you’re really determined.

    None of us is immortal. The only time you have is now, this day. If you don’t pursue your passion and create your best life today, your contribution to this world – your joy and love – might be lost forever.

    You may not be able to perfectly prioritise your passion to the exclusion of everything else, but perfection is not the goal. Just getting started is.

    3 steps towards your best life
    Photo by Renata Adrienn on unsplash.com


    Task 2: Your goals and next steps to your best life


    Step 1: Review your goals. If you don’t have any written goals yet, set goals and write them down for every area of your life.

    Step 2: Determine what you’ll achieve in the next 90 days (three months). Break every goal down into a partial goal you can achieve within these three months.

    Step 3: Write down one step you’ll do today, or within 72 hours. For each goal, write down this first step, and once this video is over, start putting that step into practice.

    The 72 hours are important: if you don’t take action within that period, the chances you ever will are practically zero. As Nike put it, just do it!