• Find “Your Thing” Through Alignment



    Let me start by asking a few hard questions.

    Are you living, or just existing? Is life an exciting journey with you at the steering wheel, or are you drifting along and only hope you’ll arrive somewhere unscathed?

    How about decisions: Are you good at making them? Do you sometimes worry if you’re on the right path in life? Do you wish there was some guidance, a way to know for sure?

    Today’s mission is for you to establish a surefire guiding system through your life, and towards finding “your thing”.

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    Task 1: What matters to you?


    The magical guiding system is called your values. Now, unlike your beliefs, which are acquired throughout your life and can be changed, values are at the core of your being. They are who you are at the deepest level.

    Start by looking at a list of values such as this one, and write down those that spontaneously speak to you. You can add others that aren’t on the list.

    Then narrow down the list until you’re left with ca. 5 top values.

    Task 2: Practise alignment


    Get comfortable and take stock of your life. Is it aligned with your values? You can look at things such as your job, your relationships, the way you live, where you live and with whom. Also include your passion(s).

    Now determine which adjustments you need. Being out of alignment with your values can have serious consequences, so do whatever it takes to fix any issues.

    your thing
    Photo by Suju on pixabay.com


    Task 3: Find “your thing”


    This task is about making it a habit to check everything against your values. Not sure if you should accept the job offer? Check if the work is aligned with your values. Facing a difficult decision? Check which option is more aligned with your values.

    Values are a reliable compass through life. This applies to your passions as well, and if you use it consistently, it’ll light the way to “your thing” – your purpose.